Youth, YOU CAN study and achieve professional success.


Currently, during the development of the project “Youth, you can do it!,” Cuore Foundation is working to restore children’s self-esteem, first offering basic resources such as:

  • meals: the children stay from 4 to 5 hours at Cuore, ("after-school period") where they have breakfast and lunch (kids enrolled for the morning period), or lunch and afternoon snack (kids enrolled for the afternoon period).
  • hygiene: the basic hygiene rules are worked daily with the children. Those who have no bathroom and/or shower at home take their daily bath at Cuore’s facilities.
  • health care and oral health care: Cuore works jointly with the health agencies available at Jardim Umarizal district to help provide this assistance.

After taking care of the children’s basic HEALTH, other activities are offered, such as music, information technology and supplementary teaching.

The professional qualification is especially addressed by building the awareness that school and studies, in different levels, are crucial to fulfill personal dreams.

The message that remains for children at Cuore is: “youth, regardless of which social, racial or intellectual group you belong to, YOU CAN study and achieve professional success in life. You will be able to have your own house and family in the future, and be financially independent.”

Project “Youth, you can do it!”

The proposal of Instituto Cuore, through the project “Youth, you can do it!” is to contribute to the development of children, adolescents and their families, serving as a reference, inspiration and direction to help them become a future member of society, and enabling them to pursue their vocational dreams, even if these dreams are deemed unreachable.


  1. To offer a therapeutic space to the families, in which they may work to overcome their difficulties and find out new alternatives for their development.
  2. To ensure the family well-being through a guidance program, as well as referring family members to health institutions.
  3. To work the intellectual ability of both children and adolescents through a school guidance program.
  4. To offer to children and adolescents the chance to develop their abilities through sports activities.
  5. To develop artistic talents and the possibility of enjoying beauty through music, dance, sculpture and cultural activities.