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Map of the Campo Limpo subprefecture

The area in which the project “Youth, You Can Do It!” is being developed encompasses the communities of Jardim Rebouças, Olinda and Umarizal, within the Campo Limpo district, located in the City of São Paulo.

The Campo Limpo subprefecture is close to the M'boi Mirim and Santo Amaro subprefectures; in turn, the Pirajussara Creek also shares boundaries with the city of Embu and Taboão da Serra. The district is located at approximately 20 kilometers from the center of the city of São Paulo.

Regarded as one of the most violent regions in the City of São Paulo, the south zone outskirts have high social exclusion rates. The Human Development Index – HDI of the region is equal to or lower than 0,455*.

The Campo Limpo geographic area has 12.60 km², a population of 191,527 inhabitants and demographic density of 13,786,6 inhab/km².

Source: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE – 2000 Census.

There are 237 slums in this region, and the number of slum dwellers is 122,738.

* The Human Development Index – HDI measures the countries’ level of human development, using as criteria education indicators (literacy and enrollment rates), longevity (life expectancy) and income (GDP per capita). Countries with an HDI of up to 0,499 have a human development regarded as low.


Type of indicator Campo Limpo City of São Paulo
Number of slums 237 2,018
Slum dwellers 122,738 1,160,590
Percentage of slum dwellers - % 24.26 11.12
Slum dwellers' annual growth rate - % 2.36 2.97

Source: Housing and Urban Development Office of the São Paulo Municipality - SHDU/PMSP and the São Paulo Data Processing Company - PRODAM, Digital Cartographic Base of Slums in the City of São Paulo/2000.